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Adila is a photographer of Nature’s beauty. Her work evokes a companionship with Nature.  Bringing the wonder of Flowers, Mountains, the Seas… the delights of Mother Nature into our homes. She is a curious traveller, collecting  photographic treasures from across the Earth. She lives in London and is a member of the Threshold Community, querying mystical questions found with the adventures of the Spirit. Instagram @adila1977

Daliah loves weaving words into songs, poetry and stories, inspired by Nature and Her precious wisdom on how to live life fully. Following a 23-year career in journalism, Daliah now uses oral-storytelling techniques to help people unlock their authentic voice.

She enjoys using her own voice and has released an EP, Fragrance of Truth, and narrated the audiobook The Knowing Heart, written by modern Sufi master Kabir Helminski.

Dantom is a singer/songwriter and dervish of the Mevlevi Order (Threshold Society) living in Cumbria. On his albums Root of the Root (2022) and Remember (forthcoming), he cooks up music using the following recipe: Take a goodly spoonful of western folk/blues/rock, sprinkle Sufi influences and a dash of the East, and place in the oven of devotion. Bake until the colours of stone and leaf are spied… maybe the flash of a kingfisher. Serve as a dish to celebrate the Divine Presence in nature and the human heart.

Donia creates unique landscapes, using an array of techniques to mirror this wonderous world. Finding the miraculous depths born in drops of water, her art is an abstract response to the ebbs and flows found in nature. Her work inspires deep conversations with the Souls of things. Donia is a world-renowned autism specialist, who is passionate about compassionately supporting the communication skills and education of neurodivergent children. She resides in the UK, and is a member of the Threshold Community.

Ender is an entrepreneur and musician living in London. He is passionate about creating, innovating and connecting with people through his creations. He loves music and singing, especially in the Turkish style. He has given many concerts both solo and as a part of different choirs in the past. He’s currently working on his debut album.

Lateefa is an artist and nature mentor passionate about traditional mysticism, art and nature connection and their potential for healing and positive change. Much of her work explores the structures and flowing forms found in nature and traditional Islamic patterns. She was born into an Anglo/American sufi Muslim family and travelled widely in her childhood, living around the UK, Texas, New Mexico, Andalucia and Jordan. These diverse experiences of different
landscapes, people and living in experimental mystical communities have all informed and enriched her work.


 Dr Shabana Dar Baker

Shabana loves to converse with Nature through photography. She is often surprised and intrigued by the image that reflects back to her. As if it had been seeking, then found a kairos moment to reveal itself. Similarly, she hopes these images might invite the viewer to pause and contemplate the outer and the inner, reminding us that we are Nature ourselves.  Shabana lived her early years in Kashmir, grew up moving around the landscape of England and now lives in London with her family. She is a clinical psychologist and somatic therapist and a member of the Threshold community. Photographs featured in the book Towards the Heart of Silence

Şerife is a London artist originally from Turkey, with a passion for illumination, miniature, marbling and art in general. She loves to create unique designs and artwork. She’s most inspired by nature and she uses different European and traditional Turkish art techniques.

Dr Shehla Naz

Shehla is a physician, educator and poet and a member of the London Threshold circle. She takes her inspiration from embodied life experience and the light of our teachers, saints and prophets—and seeks to integrate the two in her poetry. She is sustained by dhikhr, nature and her family. She lives in Surrey with her husband Bill and her children Rafi (14) and Samira (20).

Siema Taj

Siema is an artist who layers magic into the perceived ordinary. Welcoming the invisible miracles for us all to see, her curious eyes find worlds within worlds in a small patch of Nature where we meet our limitless Earth. Siema resides in Cumbria and is a dervish of the Mevlevi Order (Threshold Society).

Tazeen is an artist who loves to take photographs of the beautiful world around her. Creating an intimate friendship with the Trees and magnificent Flowers. She is a mother with a background in media, film making and finance. She currently presents on spirituality, healing and growth through Tazeen.TV and coaches clients in media impact and transformational life coaching. Tazeen lives in Cobham and is a member of the London Threshold community.

uzma is an illustrator and writer living in the heart of Cumbria, greatly inspired by the quietness found between the noise of things. You can often find her walking in the surrounding hills, with a notebook and pencil looking for ideas.  And asking those odd questions realised in the bottom of coffee cups, like, ‘Am I both the star that shines and the one who dreams of meeting it?’

Her new illustrated children’s book, You Be Me, I Be You, is available in most major book stores.

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